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Side Events

Octubre 25-26
Sala Garbí I


10:00 – 12:00

SYN+AIR Workshop

SYN+AIR project funded by SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 894116.

Collaboration is a concept that carries heavy weight when discussing multimodal trips of passengers. For SYN+AIR, collaboration among modes (including air transport) relates to data sharing among Transport Service Providers (TSPs) in the scope of facilitating a seamless D2D journey of multimodal chain trips.

SYN+AIR has co-designed with mobility, data experts and lawyers a “Smart Contracts Framework” (SCF) that facilitates the generation of contractual agreements between Transport Service Providers (TSPs). The SCF will provide a centralized hub for contracts management via a web platform. This platform provides services that enables TSPs to conclude data sharing agreements and smart contracts with the aim to facilitate multimodal trips. SYN+AIR’s SCF is an alloy of different architectures (Business, Information, Technical and Application) hosted by a cloud platform and complemented by a legal layer. TSPs can register to the SYN+AIR’s platform and they can create, modify, or cancel data sharing agreements and smart contracts. So, the platform manages the negotiation, creation, modification and termination phases of the data sharing agreements and the smart contracts; however, the data management and data sharing processes themselves are executed outside of the platform.

Sounds complicated? Join our workshop and discover the benefits and challenges of SYN+AIR’s solution!
This workshop aims to present the SYN+AIR’s SCF and hear the opinion of Travel Service Providers of different modes, data experts and transportation engineers.

This 2h workshop is going to take place within IMC22 on the 25th of October, as a parallel event. However, we invite you to stay also on the 26th to have a “second round” of questions and ideas on the SCF (if you are willing) and of course to enjoy the panel discussions of IMC22.