SITGES – Barcelona

2 Days / 70 Speakers
Conferences Networking Expo
Face-to-face & digital

21st & 22nd September, 2021
Now it’s the time

How to understand the new mobility?

A meeting point to understand how the post-COVID environment will be, to achieve the Sustainable Development Objectives, and to take advantage of all the innovation potential towards this new mobility model.

Seen from a public and local mobility point of view, with applied solutions, and analizing success cases worldwide.



To identify the main challenges, discover tendencies and solutions at the hands of international specialists, in the different fields of mobility



The presentation of innovation projects and the organization of co-creation workshops, giving support to emerging start-ups which will present their projects.



A dynamic participation of all the attendees, to create contacts and build work and collaborative links. One-on-one meetings and joint work sessions.



Analysis of practical cases and of the main solutions being developed in the international field. Success cases presented by their protagonists.


City of congresses

Sitges is an innovative destination, welcoming and vibrant, with high-end hotels and  seals of sustainability.


A hybrid experience – COVID-less

The digitalization of the congress allows it to reach a wider audience, and provides a powerful interaction among users. An experience which could be both digital or face-to-face, providing all the guarantees of the events success.

The COVID-free preventive measures will provide all the needed security for the face-to-face attendees.


Energy and environment

Alternative energies
Smart energy
Pollution control systems
Service and maintenance companies
Supplier companies

and logistic

On road transport
Intermodal transport
Traffic control systems
Railway transport


Flexible transport
Public management
Mobility sharing

Digital transformation

Software and applications
Big Data
Internet of things

Vehicles and equipment

Electric vehicles
Autonomous vehicles


Do you want to be part of it?

Take advantage of the congress and use it as leverage to promote and develop your corporation or project. We offer you different ways to participate and collaborate.

  • Brand presence
  • Commercial stands
  • Presentations
  • Ambassadors Program
Brand presence

The congress offers a collaboration proposal to give visibility to your project. Offering spaces for your logo and message, on the web, in the app, in the auditorium, and in all the signage and graphic image of the congress.

Commercial stands

It has its own space where you can attract and interact with a very relevant representation of the mobility sector. Hire your custom stand.


In parallel with the official program of the congress, we offer you the ‘Forum’ space, where you can make your own presentations, taking advantage of the call of the different mobility agents present.

Ambassadors Program

The AMBASSADOR program allows to add synergies between IMC and mobility professionals. It is a win-win collaboration in which the IMC offers visibility and relevance in the congress, while the ambassador promotes it in his professional field.

A multiple

This will be a multiple venue which will host other actions with their own entity.
This complementarity will provide a larger dimension, a global project.
During the two-day congress, the following venues will take place:

Aspect image
Aspect image
Aspect image
Aspect image
Aspect image
Aspect image